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Top 2 Behaviors EVERY Coach Wants to See

Parents - it’s important to have expectations. 

Girls - it’s important to set expectations.

But, there are two things you can control that every coach wants to see.




Attitude and Effort - your two controllables. They are ultimately up to you ... ALWAYS.  Regardless of the score or your performance, you can control how you respond and how hard you work.



Having a good attitude is essential.  Open your mind to new ideas and be ready to learn with each and every second! A coach wants to see you are coachable. Can you listen and take to instruction well? Do you ask questions when you don't understand? Do you show respect when its warranted?


Effort is always a controllable.  The more effort, the more results.  It's that simple! Seriously! Not everyone is a natural athlete. Some of the best athletes are just hardworking. Plain and simple.  They want to be the best so they put in the work.  They wanted it more than the girl next to them.  Can you leave the field today saying you gave it your all?  Did you take each and every rep seriously? Or, did you go through the motions?  Did you arrive with a purpose? Leave with one?  Did you put in the work?

That's what it comes down to.  Give it 100%, 100% of the time - that's what every coach wants to see.




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