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Find Your Passion

I’m probably going to sound corny when I say passion is the essence to life… but that’s because it is! Passion drives and motivates you day in a day out.  It’s a natural high that gets you up, gets you excited, and allows you to excel.  Sometimes it’s not easy to find, but nothing great ever comes easy, right?

Passion is my driving force.


It’s the reason I created this company. You have to be passionate about what you do.  


I love softball: the dive stopping plays, turning two with a runner on one, two out, two strike RBIs. I love it all.  

After ending my club career with the So Cal Athletics, the sport blessed me with 4 more years - a college career at a prestigious academic institution. But boy, did it go by quick. In May of 2015 I hung up the cleats, but I knew it wasn’t time to walk away.


My passion for playing turned into my passion for coaching; to give back to the sport that gave so much to me. Whether softball is your passion or maybe some other activity, find it, grab it, and enjoy the ride!





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