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Ultimately we have three goals.

We want girls to...

#1. become better softball players.

#2. become better people.

#3. become, well, ATHLETES.




Lessons combine these three concepts.  With every lesson, you can expect hands-on training that can be replicated at home or in your spare time.  We stand by solid fundamentals. Every session builds off the previous one.


Through our own experience we can honestly tell you it's true what they say: the little things make the biggest difference.




Every coach wants to see her girls improve, but in order to do so, we have to do the little things. 


  • Be open-minded to new techniques

  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Be attentive and focused during each session

  • Be vocal and ask me to explain things in a different way


and above all,


what to expect

what we expect

getting down to business

trust the process

let's make your weaknesses your strengths!





Lessons range from about 2-4 girls in a 30 minute session & 5-10 girls in an 1 hr long session.



At times current and former collegiate athletes will assist in the facility to provide specialized sessions & foster coachability.



Although we would love get to know each girl one on one, we believe group sessions cultivate competition and peer learning. However, inquire about private lesson availability.



To schedule a lesson e-mail info@takepointsoftball.com with:

  • SUBJECT LINE: type of lesson

    • length (30 min or 1 hour lesson) 

    • offense or defense

  • BODY OF EMAIL: info

    • daughter's name & age 

    • playing experience & position


    • days/times unavailable for lessons

    • goals & ambitions

    • greatest weaknesses


*Due to the high volume for lessons, not every request is filled right away.  We will fill requests by the date received and do our very best to get you in!

Private lessons may be availble

groups are the best

top notch instructors

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