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I'm sure you are wondering: What is this company? Who is this girl? How did she come up with that name?


Well, I'm about to answer all that and more.




My name is Erin Ashby, a recent Stanford Softball Alum and true believer that hard work pays off. After growing up in So Cal - the heart of softball - I've realized there is so much knowledge surrounding the game that needs to be shared.


My philosophy is simple. A great athlete is only as good as her approach.  Take Point aims to develop each and every girl into the best they each can be.




You might be wondering how I settled on Take Point.


Back in 1966 during the Vietnam War, soldiers were assigned or volunteered to “walk point.”  Walking point meant being the first in the face of danger. 


A point man had one job – being focused and keen on detail to protect his comrades from anything that came their way. The point man is the front-runner.  He shows no fear. He embodies confidence even in panicked times. He lays it all on the line because he believes in what he stands for.


He never backs down.


I want girls to embody this philosophy.  I want them to take point.

Let me introduce myself

What's in a name...

Let's get to it

- Erin

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